Sunday, March 19, 2006

Three guys and a girl, Shanghai

The story you are about to read is true. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Charles and Monroe began their night with a low key ramen-soup dinner on Nanjing East. Nanjing East is sort of the times square of Shanghai... tons of restaurants and lots of huge electronic billboards that light up the night sky. They washed their soup down with some Kirin Ichiban and then headed out in search of a party.

Some of Monroe's college friends from Berkeley were in town on spring break, so it was decided to meet up with them at "3 on the bund", which is a building with a different restaurant/club on each floor. By happenstance the whole group met up in the elevator, and it was decided that 3 on the bund was not the place to hang out. It was decided that the group would split up and reconvene later at a new destination. Charles and Monroe went to a jazz club across the street to await the arrival of Monroe's brother Teddy.

Teddy showed up, and then said he wanted to wait for his date to show up before we went out to a new club. The jazz club was pretty cool, but it was a little too chill for someone who was jetlagged. The girl was taking a long time to show up, so the 3 guys headed out to a hip-hop dance club.

As it turns out, some of Monroe's friends from HP were at this club having a going away party for someone who was returning to the states. It was determined that the Berkeley crew was not going to come back, even though the club they went to was lame, so HP forces merged because they already had a table reserved.

The way real partying works in Shanghai is to have a table reserved, and several waitstaff reserved just to help the table out. The other thing you do is to purchase alcohol by the bottle instead of by the drink. The group was drinking an interesting combination of Johnny Walker Black mixed with Green Tea. Our group contributed a bottle of Jack Daniels for shots.

Charles, Monroe, and Teddy started throwing back shots of Jack Daniels, and offering them to the rest of the table. I should point out to you, fair reader, that asians typically can not handle large amounts of alcohol, so it got out of control pretty quickly. Teddy's girl showed up, and then everybody started dancing to this hip hop music. The partying ended at 5am, even though the club was still hopping.


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