Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shanghai First Impressions

Apparently I have arrived in Shanghai for uncharacteristically great weather. Anybody that knows me (which probably includes you, since few strangers read this blog) know that I always take great weather with me wherever I travel. For example, when I went to Chicago for St. Patty's day we had 75 degree weather. Here in Shanghai, it rained last night (before my plane landed), and so now it is 55 degrees outside and the smog has been washed out by the rain.

I'm a little more focused now that I've had some sleep. We are about to go out for breakfast, and then the moving crew is coming at 2 this afternoon. I will mark the rest of my posts here in Shanghai local time.

Check out a few pictures of Pudong from Morris' Balcony. We are moving to the more happening neighborhood of Puxi, so I should get some even cooler pictures today.


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