Monday, February 27, 2006

Luckiest Guy Ever?

I've been pretty lucky lately. My poker table in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago hit a bad beat jackpot (Aces Full of Kings beat by Quad Aces), so everybody at the table got a share of the jackpot money.

This weekend, I bought a couple of tickets for the Colorado Eagles hockey game. Just as my buddy and I were standing up to go hit the beer stand a bright spotlight came on right in my eyes, and the announcer came out with a couple of cheerleaders trailing behind him. They had drawn my seat to play "Let's Make a Deal"!!! Door #1 was a $30 gift certificate, door #2 was an envelope of cash with somewhere between $1 and $100, and then there was door #3. It was such a surreal experience to find myself up on the jumbo tron in this big arena! The crowd was all screaming "3! 3!" so of course I chose door #3. The envelope of cash had $10 in it, and I ended up winning 2 tickets on Continental airlines to anywhere in North, Central, or South America. How awesome is that?

So Michelle and I are heading to the Caribbean in December. She's going to be there for 10 days, but I'm staying for basically 3 weeks. My buddy Ed is going to fly his plane out and we are going to go island hopping for a while. I can't imagine a better way to spend my Winter break from DU.

I have signed up for a game of freeway baseball this weekend.


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