Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Safe and Sound in Stockholm

My plane landed in Stockholm right around 7am, and after 30 minutes of the airline staff trying to figure out how to connect the jetway to the jet they finally figured it out. The stewardess did come on the PA, and giving her best Swedish Chef impression said "We just got new hardware, and new isn't always better. Bork Bork.". So I made it to my hotel around 9am and had breakfast with some other HP people once I got there.

At night we went out looking for food and finally stumbled on a nice bistro style restaurant. After dinner we went to a "jazz club", or at least, that was how they billed themselves on their website. They had a country western band that was performing old Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash cover songs. This singer had NO accent (even when he was talking at the mic), but if you went to talk to him he could make himself sound like he was from CA or Germany because he was really from Berlin. Is that not the weirdest thing ever?

Anyway, the SAF conference starts this morning, so I've gotta get to work.


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