Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Lest Ifeneeng in Stuckhulm

Tudey ves my lest dey in Stuckhulm, und I mede-a soore-a tu ectooelly get oooot und du sume-a foon stooffff. It ves a lung dey becoose-a I hed tekee a nep yesterdey effternuun und I inded up steyeeng eveke-a ell neeght vurkeeng.

Eruoond nuun I heeded oooot ooff my ruum tu gu see-a zee Svedeesh Ruyel Oorchestra perffurm. Oon my vey tu zee Cuncert Hell I pessed a mercheeng bund thet ves gueeng elung a pedestreeun mell. Zeey vere-a pleyeeng sume-a svedeesh suoondeeng merch I'd nefer heerd, boot zeey vere-a decent. Zee bund eppeered tu cunteeen pleyers frum ell ege-a runges, su I'm nut qooeete-a soore-a vhet gruoop zeey vere-a a pert ooff. Effter zee mooseec I doocked intu a greet theee restoorunt und inded up ieteeng sooper hut theee fuud fur loonch... it ves cheeckee in greee coorry veet cucunoot meelk. My nuse-a ves roonneeng by zee 3rd beete-a, boot mun ves it ixcellent fuud.

Zeey vere-a pleyeeng Mehler's 5t, vheech I nefer meess becoose-a it is Mehler's beeg troompet feetoore-a. Meechelle-a und I sev it in Flurence-a, boot she-a prubebly duesn't remember seence-a she-a ves sleepeeng must ooff zee teeme-a. Zee perffurmunce-a ves reelly reelly guud; zee 4 troompets vere-a luood und bressy, und ell zee oozeer sooppurteeng cest ves tup nutch es vell. Es it toorned oooot sume-a ooff zee SEF members thet I hed menshuned zee cuncert tu ierleeer in zee veek shooed up und zeey seemed be-a injuyeeng zee shoo es vell.

I ceme-a beck tu my hutel tu prepere-a fur a neeght oon zee toon veet Truy und Terry. Iff yuoo recell frum ierleeer zeey ere-a in my teem und heppened tu schedoole-a a tutelly unreleted treep tu Stuckhulm et zee seme-a teeme-a, und zeey ifee peecked zee seme-a hutel. Ve-a vent tu a Glee Feeddich restoorunt vhere-a zeey ledle-a scutch durectly oooot ooff zee berrel. I hed un Ilk Cheeseboorger veet becun.

Frum zee restoorunt ve-a heeded oofer tu sumetheeng celled zee Ice-a Ber. It is a hutel ber thet is setoop tu geefe-a yuoo a Nurdeec ixpereeence-a. Ell ooff zee vells, tebles, und bers ere-a mede-a ooff ice-a. Zee ruum is 23 degrees Ferenheeet, und zeey geefe-a yuoo a beeg perka und glufes vhee yuoo get in. Dreenks ere-a serfed in glesses thet ere-a mede-a ooff ice-a, und ell zee efeeeleble-a dreenks ere-a mede-a veet Ebsuloot Fudka. Ell in ell a neet tuooreesty ixpereeence-a veet sume-a neece-a phutus.

Tumurroo murneeng I'm heeded beck tu zee Uneeted Stetes, und it veell be-a neece-a tu be-a beck oon a nurmel teemezune-a. Feel free-a tu check oooot my peectoores ooff Stuckhulm. Bork Bork Bork!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Stuckhulm soore-a is culd in September

Su, my SAF cunfference-a is oofer. Luts ooff guud techneecel items vere-a deescoossed, und I theenk I meeght be-a getteeng infulfed in zee soobgruoop tu help defelup zee Secooreety EPI speceefficeshun.

Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!

I'fe-a beee su boosy vurkeeng thet I hefee't yet hed teeme-a tu du uny ixplureeng. I veesh I hed mure-a tu vreete-a. Tumurroo is Setoordey su I plun oon heetting a mooseoom und zeen vetcheeng zee Ruyel Pheelhermunic Oorchestra perffurm Mehler's 5th symphuny. Hupeffoolly I'll get sume-a guud peectoores eruoond toon und hefe-a mure-a tu vreete-a ebuoot.
Bork! Bork! Bork!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Safe and Sound in Stockholm

My plane landed in Stockholm right around 7am, and after 30 minutes of the airline staff trying to figure out how to connect the jetway to the jet they finally figured it out. The stewardess did come on the PA, and giving her best Swedish Chef impression said "We just got new hardware, and new isn't always better. Bork Bork.". So I made it to my hotel around 9am and had breakfast with some other HP people once I got there.

At night we went out looking for food and finally stumbled on a nice bistro style restaurant. After dinner we went to a "jazz club", or at least, that was how they billed themselves on their website. They had a country western band that was performing old Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash cover songs. This singer had NO accent (even when he was talking at the mic), but if you went to talk to him he could make himself sound like he was from CA or Germany because he was really from Berlin. Is that not the weirdest thing ever?

Anyway, the SAF conference starts this morning, so I've gotta get to work.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Itinerary for Stockholm, Sweden

Yes, I'm headed back to Europe again for the next SA Forum meeting. This should be my last trip there for the year. Here are the details:

  • (Flight) 12 - 13 September 2005: Denver (DEN) to Stockholm (ARN)

    • Leg 1: Denver (DEN) to Newark (EWR)

      • United Airlines Flight 422

      • Departs Denver 10:21am

      • Arrives Newark 4:04pm

    • Leg 2: Newark (EWR) to Stockholm (ARN)

      • United Airlines Flight 9368

      • Departs Newark 5:20 pm

      • Arrives Stockholm 13 September 2005 7:05 am

  • 13 - 18 September 2005: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and Towers (link)

  • (Flight) 18 September 2005: Stockholm (ARN) to Denver (DEN)

    • Leg 1: Stockholm (ARN) to Frankfurt (FRA)

      • Lufthansa Flight 6227

      • Departs Stockholm 9:10am

      • Arrives Frankfurt 11:20am

    • Leg 2: Frankfurt (FRA) to Denver (DEN)

      • Lufthansa Flight 446

      • Departs Frankfurt 1:25 pm

      • Arrives Denver 3:20pm

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This morning I went up to Rocky Mountain National Park. This was the first hike I did since spraining my ankle in June. I picked what the book called an "Easy Trail" because I didn't want to overdo it. The trail I chose is called "Cub Lake"; as you can probably guess, it heads up to a lake by the same name.

Cub Lake Trail is about 2.5 miles to the lake with a 500' vertical gain. Along the way you pass through a big grassy valley, hike along several streams, and past a small marsh. The lake is not a huge lake, but I got there around 8:30am as the sun was rising over it, and the view was gorgeous. I was feeling pretty good, and had no pain in my ankle, so I decided to go down to what the book called "The Pool". Turns out it is just a big river crossing, but it was a good place to stop and have lunch. It was pretty windy on the backside of the mountain. Or, as my good friend Derek would say in his ancestral Scottish Brogue, "It's a wee bit blowish".

This was my second trip up to RMNP, and I really enjoy it up there. The park is gorgeous, and if you get on the trail by 7am you can pretty much have it to yourself. Lots of "Good Morning"'s on the hike back though.

View my photos of Cub Lake.

Mourning the passing of a great individual

Chief Justice William Rehnquist passed away today at the age of 80. As a supporter of states rights and judicial restraint, he stood for the original intent of the constitution; a bastion of hope in today's climate of judicial activism, "living documents", and the infinite powers of the federal government.

We mourn you, Mr. Rehnquist. We hope that we will not have to mourn the passing of an enlightened period of our country as the dumbest, most inarticulate, and worst president of our short history will now be able to appoint 2 supreme court justices. Hopefully our country will not degrade further towards theocracy; I'd hate to see the gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster being taught in science classes.