Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I do miss CA winters

Not that San Diego in February actually counts as "winter" for what most people think of as "winter". But it does mean you can wear shorts and go sailing, which is exactly what we did. My college roommate was getting married and for their wedding gift we organized a sailing trip out into San Diego harbor.

We hired a professional captain (she wears a pirate hat and flies a jolly roger), which meant we could actually just kick back with some excellent Temecula wine and some nice Charcuterie to enjoy the beatuiful sunset at Point Loma. Then we came back towards downtown at night to take a close look at the USS Midway which is permanently moored in San Diego, as well as Larry Ellison's huge trimaran which has caused so many legal issues here in New York Federal Court.

It was somewhere between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit that week, so we were happy to be enjoying the southern CA climate. Check out the photos.


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