Monday, February 18, 2008

Bank accounts in NYC are like sandwiches

When I moved to NYC I discovered that there aren't really any Wells Fargo branches around, so I joined Chase bank. There are more Chase locations in NYC than Starbucks, which is actually really saying something. However, when I received my ATM in the mail it didn't work, so I went to visit a branch today to reset the PIN on it.

Walking into this great financial institution, I was accosted by a barker who wanted to sign me up for a free checking account. He even had handbills to distribute for some promotion they were running. I asked him if he also had some free entry coupons for a strip club, but I don't think he fully appreciated my sardonic humor.

When I was working with the manager to fix my ATM card I let him know of my distaste for his methods of collecting bank customers. My thoughts in (parenthesis).

Chad: I was surprised to see a barker standing outside a Chase Bank collecting customers
Manager: We still try to maintain an air of exclusivity, but when promotions come down from Corporate we have to do that.

Chad: (Staring blankly -- Yeah, that's BS).
Manager: Plus that guy offered to do it. If you were a manager could you turn that down?

Chad: (Didn't you just tell me you had to do it anyway? Or were you lying?) Well, if I was a manager of a Quizno's I'd jump at it, but not if I was managing a Chase bank.
Manager: (Laughs Uncomfortably)
Chad: (Why don't you dress him up like a giant checkbook. That might get more attention)

I don't know if this is normal for NYC because there are so many pedestrians that it actually works, or if they're just that hardup for customers due to their own subprime stupidity. Either way, I find it distasteful. I might switch to Citibank if it becomes a regular habit for them.


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Missy said...

We had a horrible time with Chase and our mortgage. My advice: Switch to anyone else! PS. I just checked and there are plenty of WaMus around.

At 11:30 AM, Anonymous kerry said...

Oh my god, "dress him up like a giant checkbook"! That is so freakin' funny!!


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