Thursday, July 12, 2007

Orlando here I come!

I'm heading out to Orlando in the morning for a trumpet lesson with Bill Carmichael, one of the lead trumpet players at Disneyworld. It's been over a year since I visited him last as I had to bail out of my previously scheduled lesson.

Orlando is a hell hole in terms of Summer weather. It is so hot and humid that when I step out of the air-conditioned rental car my glasses instantly fog up. On ancillary benefit of traveling there though is that they have a ton of Steak-n-Shake restaurants. These places serve nothing but the best steak burgers and milk shakes made from real ice cream. And they do it 24/7, which is of course valued by night owls like myself. There are 16 within a 20 mile radius of my hotel.

My itinerary is below:

Fri, Jul 13, 2007
United 1290
Depart: DEN 06:00 AM
Arrive: IAD 11:12 AM

United 1561
Depart: IAD 12:25 PM
Arrive: MCO 02:35 PM

Sun, Jul 15, 2007
United 1556
Depart: MCO 09:20 AM
Arrive: IAD 11:25 AM

United 0923
Depart: IAD 12:15 PM
Arrive: DEN 01:49 PM

And to you enterprising young businessmen out there... buy the rights to the Fort Collins Steak-n-Shake franchise and open one up. I'll be your first customer!


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