Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why google is the bomb

I've been storing my events, meetings, and travel plans in Google Calendar since it came out last year. It is a great way to organize my appointments because I can access them from anywhere and don't have to worry about something stupid like the battery on my palm pilot dying. I also use it for sending out invitations for things like home poker tournaments, because the interface is so much cleaner and easier to use than evite.

Today I discovered that if I go in and change my current location to be Tel Aviv, it time shifts all my appointments appropriately. Now I know that that 9am MST conference call is really 6pm here, without having to think about it. This will be especially helpful once I finish school and start traveling more for work. Maybe one of these days I'll get something other than the free Verizon phone so I can see my calendar when I'm out walking around without access to a laptop. Access to gmail would be nice too.

Yay Google!


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