Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Technology Brings Back Old Memories

My new video iPod came in the mail this week. I was driven to this by United's lack of technology adoption. I mean really. Airline capacity is higher than ever... can't they install some personal video screens on long-haul 747s? Anyway, now I can watch my TV shows and movies on the ipod when I'm in the airport and on the plane. Pretty sweet.

As I was sorting through all my old media, I ran across an early southpark clip where Cartman sings "O Holy Night" with Kyle shocking him everytime he screws up. I crack up every time I see this clip. If you haven't seen, go watch it on youtube.

What is funny is that youtube also suggested this live-action version of the same clip.

Before you say to yourself, "Chad needs something better to do at midnight", let me just confirm that that is absolutely true.


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