Sunday, March 04, 2007

We need more holidays in the US

Jewish people seem to have holidays all the time. It doesn't mean they get the day off work, but it is a reason to celebrate and party. Right now they are celebrating Purim, which is a holiday where everybody gets dressed up in masks and costumes and has parties. The customer I'm visiting is having a Purim party tomorrow night where they've rented out a space and hired entertainers and all that. I'm invited and of course I'm going.... in the interest of maintaining good relationships with the customers, of course. There are 2 problems. First, I don't speak hebrew and that is what all the entertainment will be in. Second, I don't have a costume. If I'd known this was going on I could have brought a sweet costume with me from the states, but I didn't. Maybe I should have cracked that Frommer's Israel guide before I got on the plane. Anyway, now I've gotta go to the mall and pick something out so I can blend in at the party. Until I open my mouth to speak, that is.


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