Monday, February 27, 2006

New pictures from Vegas

I finally got the pictures posted from our Vegas trip in January. There were so many cool things on this trip! We stayed in the Stratosphere the first 2 nights. Michelle was going to be attending an IBM Software Group conference the following week, so we got to move to The Mirage on Sunday night. That room was sooo awesome! 19th floor with a view overlooking the strip.

On Friday night we went straight from the airport to Emeril's Delmonico steak house in the Venetian. Great food there. On Saturday we went to the Bellagio buffet for dinner and then saw the late show of Avenue Q at the Wynn hotel.

We found out on Saturday that Tower of Power was going to be playing at the Orleans Hotel, and we were able to score some last minute tickets for Sunday night!

Sunday morning was the gospel brunch. This was such a fun event. Lots of soul food and good fun music. In fact, this was Michelle's favorite part of the whole weekend. We got moved over into the Mirage, and then headed over for TOWER OF POWER. This was my favorite part of the weekend.

Check out the Vegas Photos.

Luckiest Guy Ever?

I've been pretty lucky lately. My poker table in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago hit a bad beat jackpot (Aces Full of Kings beat by Quad Aces), so everybody at the table got a share of the jackpot money.

This weekend, I bought a couple of tickets for the Colorado Eagles hockey game. Just as my buddy and I were standing up to go hit the beer stand a bright spotlight came on right in my eyes, and the announcer came out with a couple of cheerleaders trailing behind him. They had drawn my seat to play "Let's Make a Deal"!!! Door #1 was a $30 gift certificate, door #2 was an envelope of cash with somewhere between $1 and $100, and then there was door #3. It was such a surreal experience to find myself up on the jumbo tron in this big arena! The crowd was all screaming "3! 3!" so of course I chose door #3. The envelope of cash had $10 in it, and I ended up winning 2 tickets on Continental airlines to anywhere in North, Central, or South America. How awesome is that?

So Michelle and I are heading to the Caribbean in December. She's going to be there for 10 days, but I'm staying for basically 3 weeks. My buddy Ed is going to fly his plane out and we are going to go island hopping for a while. I can't imagine a better way to spend my Winter break from DU.

I have signed up for a game of freeway baseball this weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I'm headed out to Vegas today. And no, this isn't the 3rd time in a month like somebody said at my home poker tournament last night.

It was originally supposed to be a bachelor party, but something happened and the groom couldn't go this weekend. That was no reason for the rest of us to cancel our plans though! I'll be staying at the Rio and hopefully winning some poker tournaments. Come find me at the Horseshoe 2am tournaments if you happen to be around.