Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeers for Hertz

Anybody who knows me knows two things about me: I travel a lot, and I'm absent-minded. These tend to go together, as one who is often rushed while traveling.

It took me forever to find some dress hats that I liked, but I finally found them at the Brooks Brothers in King of Prussia, PA. Fit great, looked great, felt great. Then I left them in the trunk of my Hertz rental car at the Philly train station. Because Hertz isn't open on Saturdays at the train station (WTF?), my key was in the lock box before I realized what I had done. By the time they opened on Sunday the manager of the office was like, "Uhhh... there are no really nice Brooks Brothers hats in the car...."

I realize the mistake was mine, but come on.... this isn't some piece of paper which could be mistaken for trash. It's a bag with obviously new merchandise inside, and something anybody with an IQ of 60 or more would know that I would want back. Hertz either has idiots or thieves working for them. I'm not sure which one is worse.

Boo for Hertz.